Gruaud Larose 2020
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Characteristics :

This vintage is marked by one of the rainiest winters in history followed by tropical spring which encouraged bud-burst to occur early. This tendency would persist during all the vegetative process. The frequency and the intensity of precipitation from Easter to Trinity as well as the episode of hail that hit Saint Julien on April 18th, made works difficult and even almost impossible. Arriving of heavy mildew reminds of the similar situation occurred in 2018. Period of flowering enjoyed sunny and dry whether just in the end of spring. Total stop of rains at the summer solstice was followed by a long period of warm and dry weather so it almost provoked drought stress. Two saving storms in the middle of August and in the beginning of September assured a perfect scenario to conclude the vintage. The first one brought necessary water to revive the vines, the second one kept berries tight so they may have reached good ripeness.

Second cru classé en 1855
SOIL : Garonne gravel from the first quaternary, settled more than 600 000 years ago