Gruaud Larose 1990
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Characteristics :

Very precocious maturity, exceptional richness in sugar and great concentration of phenolic compounds.
The reason for the 1990 precocity is to be found in the highly favourable climatic conditions, from the beginning of the year till end of October.
An exceptionally mild winter, with an extremely hot February=>very precocious bud-burst, spread over a period of time).
End of March and most of April cold with episodes of frost (a second generation of clusters saw the light of day). Warm May, sunny and somewhat humid. June and beginning of July dry and moderately hot. But end of July+August very hot, much sunshine and very little rain. Extremely heterogeneous veraison . September hot and very sunny, slightly rainy=>excellent maturation of all grapes. The crop was perfectly healthy.

Second cru classé en 1855
SOIL : Garonne gravel from the first quaternary, settled more than 600 000 years ago