Discovery of our estate, the tower, the vineyard, the cellars and vats house followed by a tasting of our 3 wines.
From 2 guests.
50€ per person.
Essential tour
The feels, smells, and sights of this vineyard walking tour will bring you closer to nature giving you comprehension of the formation of the Medoc region and its rich biodiversity. You will see sustainable vineyard practices in action and also learn about the general ecosystem. The tour ends with the discovery of our cellars and the tasting our 2 wines.
Private visit :
From 2 guests.
125€ per person.
Secrets of the terroir
For wine lovers, Château Gruaud Larose invites you to an atypical and royal marriage. After a visit of the property, you will taste 3 sweet and savory macarons, complimented by 3 of our evolved wines. Come and witness this exceptional marriage between the products of our unique terroir.
Private visit :
From 2 guests.
60€ per person.
Royal marriage
A total immersion in the heart of Château Gruaud Larose starting with a complete visit of the terroir, the tower, the vats and the cellars.

This is followed by an exceptional to discover the poetry, the aromas and the finesse of the great vintages of the estate.
From 2 guests.
200€ per person.
Wine of Kings, King of Wines
Château Gruaud Larose invites food lovers to the heart of the local gastronomy. In the presence of a passionate cook, you will partake in the elaboration of a menu while learning some of the cooking techniques and tips. To crown the morning's work, the participants will gather around a table in the Château's lounge to savor their creations.
Classes :
From 2 to 8 guests.
350€ per person.

Option: macaroon course available on request.
Cooking courses
Personalized service by our professional team and caterers to organize unique and crafted events no matter the weather or season. Whether you are looking for intimate dinners, memorable festivities, sophisticated cocktail parties, or corporate dinners and seminars, we are ready to serve your needs.
Seminar 1/2 day :
From 6 guests.
From 150€ per person.
Smaller or larger group on request.
Lunch / Dinner :
From 6 guests.
From 200€ per person.
Smaller or larger group on request.