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At the end of a mild, moderately rainy winter, the Merlot plots located on our lower slopes were exposed to a major frost episode the first half of April. The favorable conditions at the end of the month helped the plants to recover rapidly and erased all damages. Then May marked the first signs of a future solar vintage and allowed a perfect flowering development  In June, the first strong heatwave of the season exposed the plants to unusual high temperatures, which leaded to a water deficit, reduced by two storms with some Hail: The first storm arrived  without any consequences as it came after the setting of the grape, the second, less violent, around the summer solstice. Sun and warm climate continued from July until the harvest period.  With the arrival of September, we saw numerous grapes, small berries with thick skin full of color and tannins. The old vines, have showed their best potential and quality even after the harsh season. The harvest started very early  in perfect conditions. Once the Merlot were in Vats, the mild nights of mid-September finalized the Cabernet Sauvignon’s maturity with all the elegance and freshness necessary in a rich and balance vintage. The plant’s acclimatization to the harsh climate of this year is remains reassuring. The great quality of our future wines is ensured.

Second cru classé en 1855
SOIL : Garonne gravel from the first quaternary, settled more than 600 000 years ago